No one does awkward quite like Star Trek: The Next Generation

I have seen a lot of awkward interpersonal interactions during my life – many more than average I would say – for the simple reason that I am the cause of the awkwardness.  I’m an awkward guy.  For example, you may notice that I use the word “awkward” in this post about a million times, which is, in and of itself, rather awkward.  Having witnessed so many uncomfortable interactions in my life, I have become something of a connoisseur.  So I can say with some authority that Star Trek: The Next Generation has some truly exquisite moments of awkwardness.  One of my favorite modes of awkwardness that appears repeatedly during the series is the way those end-of-episode discussions, intended to summarize what we have learned in today’s adventure, often come to a very abrupt ending, without any of the normal “Goodnight” or “Okay, see you later” type phrases that most of us use routinely to end a conversation.  In this area, TNG achieves some moments of truly sublime awkwardness.  Here is a good example from the ending of the season 4 episode “Legacy.”  Note that I did not have to do any special editing to make the end of this clip awkward.  No, it’s all 100% pure TNG awkwardness.


2 thoughts on “No one does awkward quite like Star Trek: The Next Generation

  1. So true. Another good awkward conversation-ending is in The Last Outpost, at the end of the scene where Picard assembles the senior staff to discuss options for getting the Enterprise “unstuck.” Check out when Riker walks away after the discussion. Super awkward!

    • Yeah, or what about “Justice.” Like the entire episode I mean. And now on blu-ray, you can see every subtle detail of the awkwardness in excruciating detail!!! Only TNG can make a bunch of half-naked hotties soooo awkward.

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